Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What I want to accomplish

For several years, i wrote a weekly email entitled THE WEEKLY READER combining some key reading tips along with wines i bought or drank that week.

Many people wanted me to continue writing this, they didn't give a damm about what the business thoughts were unless they didn't get mentioned, but wanted good wine tips. They told their wine store buddies who wanted me to send them the email so that they could stock up some interesting and intruiging wines.  It is not about price but about value, so my wines could go from 8.00 to 800.00 and reflect all different type of tastes just like me.

I am a wine drinker, not a snob, I can play that cork game but why waste the time, it is about the people and the places that you drink and share that make it worthwhile for me. My friend David Greenwald was the first post, calling it the wonderful wacky world of Durham and it is-my tastes are as varied as there are "Google-killers".

I enjoy reading a lot, in fact my good friend Dr. Brad of iMedia fame wanted me to share some top books that I make must reads for this business--this from a September Imedia, check it out!

OK, ask away, will be sending some wines that I drank to and from Paris in the past few days. Made some purchases, the damm Euro is killing good medium-priced burgundy!


scot said...

wonderful to have the durhams musings back for all of us to look forward to...any tricks of passwords we need to know about to post? two wonderful recomendations and one question - i just finished the book Lone Survivor which is an amzing read and also finished a wonderful bottle of windy Oaks 03 Schultze family vineyard Pinot. As a friend of mine once said, I died and went to burgundy heaven - and for 30 a bottle!

Sommelier of Marketing said...

well you know burgundy is my choice and i am reading that same book, started it on the plane on my recent trip and it is quite worthwhile actually...

no tricks or passwords, i am a democratic indiviudual
and Windy Oaks hmmm got to add

and all good burgundies should be 30.00 a bottle, don't you agree, unless of course your the winemaker!