Sunday, November 2, 2008

The 25 Hour Day

One day a year, we get that extra hour, that time to reflect, sleep and think about something/nothing.

For me it has been catching up on some great wine blogs. My friend Steven Comfort just got the word that his blog, was one of the Google Top 100 wine blogs. Congrats. A true friend, great wine geek and guy, his blog is such good reading and he makes a hell of a pinot!

Tuesday is a very special day in our country- the election finally, my absentee ballot took me some 20 minutes to finish, so many ballot propositions, but will be good, what will you be drinking, I am opening Diamond Creek 1997 Volcanic, rich and full-bodied and will go down to wire in good taste and some of the questions in California will be just like that, down to the wire.

Thanksgiving is upon us, what are you suggestions for your holiday wines, send along and I will post.

Good reading:  Paul Arden, It's Not How Good You Are, its How good you want to be.  Funny solid tome that gets you thinking.

Make sure you vote,  drink good wine and check out this wine blog: Chateau Petrogasm.  Good cool and interesting reading.

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