Sunday, May 3, 2009

Yummy Wines/Good Reading

Really been drinking some incredibly great burgundies--such a kick! Marcassin Three Sisters Vineyard 2002 Pinot, Kosta Browne/Kanzler Vineyard 2005 & 2006, such incredible wines that did so well with the food and the company. Which is the perfect storm in every way!

Some good books to note: The Science and Art of Branding by Giep Franzen and Sandra Moriarty. Another book to add to your collection and really good insights is Ads to Icons: How Advertising Succeeds in a Multimedia Age by Paul Springer.

Been buying a lot of Oregon Pinot's for the cellar--I think dollar for dollar, so good, priced right and really go well with good food!

And my friend, Brad Berens, always wants to know the right books to read--well make sure that all of you get and devour: Brand Immortality: How Brands live long and prosper!

Promise to right more, in fact am doing a Top 50 of Must books for your Kindle/library in the advertising/marketing business.

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Koswerks said...

try the lymar, littorai or dumol pinots, they are all very lovely and very reminiscent of a great burgandy.