Monday, April 28, 2008

Back Aboard!

Well it has been a while, and that will now change, will get back to blogging on a more frequent basis!
So many things have been happening since we last get together, AD TECH for one, what a good week for san Francisco. In fact one of the best events was the Adconion party at BIN 38 on Tuesday night--great wines, in fact damm food wines from Oregon, Italy and yes even Sonoma. Hope you have been to BIN 38, go in and ask for one of  my wine friends, Don Davis, knows his stuff!

Now in my next post will be some wines and reading as the summer is upon us. Got to do my final exams for my classes at USF. always fun!

If you ever want to request a good wine or pass along some tips, please do! I spent some time in my cellar yesterday and am so excited to drink!  Made way too many purchases this month!

Remember a glass of champagne a day will make you better!

1 comment:

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