Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fizz at your fingertips

Thought i would write a moment about my favorite subject: Champagne!  So easy for me to talk about this, some 1500 bottles I have of all different kinds, price and tastes. Champagne to me is one of these great wines that go with everything!

A great web site for you to peruse, ironically is from Australia.
This was found in Gourmet Traveller magazine.  It is a great site that can help you figure out some champagnes that you should try.

For the best to me it is KRUG  , duh! not even a close second.  But if you check my refrigrator, its the yellow label day in and day out. Veuve is such a great product as well. 

Good reading on champagne is the book: 4000 Champagnes by Richard Juhlin, should be on your reading and collecting.

I hope that you will try some great producers, Salon, Ruinart, Deutz are three that I call your attention too.

But if you really want to sample the special juice: Krug Rose. When I visited the Krug family many years ago, I had the rare priviledge to sample champagne with Renny Krug in the cellars and we drank a bottle of Rose and I have never been the same!  

For our wine group, which is a bunch of ad geeks drinking/no quaffing wine that we sample from around the world--I had a champagne only dinner and the food was Popeyes Fried Chicken and vintage champagnes. Check out the Comfort Winery  photo page for some of the best vintages and a special Napeleon sword dance!

Hope you send along a question or two about champagne and let me suggest several from $40 on--hard to find French champagne due to that damm Bush dollar anymore!


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