Tuesday, June 17, 2008

sitting in LAX can always be a challenge

it is a great Tuesday in both cities/ SFO and LAX and yet the typical United flight is delayed. But it gives me a chance to see the worst major airport in my personal estimation in the United States.

It is called a terminal for many reasons and this place is so bad, so bad. But I am in a good mood, spent time with clients here in Los Angeles and got excited.

Marketing is a fun business and when you see and feel the impact of change and what you bring to the table it gets you excited!  Almost feels like a special bottle of Krug Rose!

Quaffing a good bottle of champagne is a good idea on this Tuesday,  sure hope the Lakers ice it down for a 7th game, Speaking of performance, what about Tiger yesterday, AMAZING! is the only word..it brought so many people to watch video or TV on a Monday, be curious as to productivity in offices across  America--but the lessons learned from that performance from the weekend, those 91 holes amazing!

Well off to try and get on this delayed United flight!  Check out mofuse, very cool product. 

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