Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday notes

as I sit here planning a very special weekend of wine, golf, good conversation and good friends--i am picking some good wines,  Dolce for dessert, A Rafinelli Cab and a Jeroboam of Diamond Creek Volcanic 1991 (you can imagine how nervous I am and hoping this isnt past prime!)

Had dinner with my good friend Brad Berens, from iMedia and Ad-Tech. He is such a solid marketer and thinker in this business.

Working on my summer school syllabus. Anyone got any ideas for good advertising projects? I am teaching a course  (MBA) in Advertising and Sales Promotion. Been a chore to pick the right reading and text materials.  Going to combine my like of wine and marketing and hopefully have the students do a creative campaign on wineries from Sonoma.

got an email from the nywinos--had a small producer of champagnes party in New York. Some really good winners, it appears. If your in New York and your in the ad business and a wine geek you should contact Eric Porres!

My site of the day: loopt and check out tubemogul, interesting video analytics site!

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