Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dodgers/Giants and Diamond Creek

What a Saturday night, baseball at it's best-the ultimate shit show--the Dodgers/Giants in AT&T for the final homestand. The Giants going nowhere and the Dodgers in the show! But the real show was in the bleachers--drunk Giants/Dodgers fans, normally don't sit in the bleachers, but tonight it was worth it.  What a game, LA won, but I am in tears reflecting on humankind at the game! The women in front of me were priceless!

Now as to wine, what a way to celebrate with Riley, Quinn and Matt with a Diamond Creek/Red 1997 from my cellar along with some 2006 Groth Sauviginon Blanc--yummy wines for a great way to cap an evening!

Got my Communication Arts, Interactive Annual today in the mail, great creative and interesting ways that people are using digital---strongly suggest that you buy a copy!

Again Baseball and Diamond Creek, what a Saturday night!

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