Sunday, September 21, 2008

What a Book and Two Very Strong Women

Really enjoying this new book, 1001 Wines: You Must Taste Before You Die. Fascinating type book where they do 1001 of different things! I went through and counted that I had drank 817 of the wines, not sure i agree with all of the assessments!

Well I just returned from the iMedia Brand Summitt and saw many wonderful friends and made some new ones.  But this past Saturday night, my business partner, his wife, our team working for a client and two women from iMedia had dinner. i brought out the big gun Napa winemaker, Ann Colgin and her 2002 Table red. holy merd! it was good! damm good!

And then one of my favorite ladies, Merry Edwards with her Pinot and Sauvginon Blanc, such great wines from two classic producers!

Well will be catching up and writing more often, thanks Josh from Imedia for the plug.
Got a request for holiday wines, let me know!

Must put in a good word for a new book: Relevance: Making Stuff that Matters by Tim Manners. Fascinating little tome!  good plane reading

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