Saturday, January 31, 2009

I saw this on WINE CRUMUDGEON, which is a really good wine email, this is interesting and wonder what is happening to prices at restaurants, "Wines that built their business on wine lists at exclusive restaurants are in trouble. They need to find new markets"  wonder if that will bring the prices down on some of the California over-priced wines, some of these wine lists just suck!

No wonder we want to bring our own!  did that recently at Mortons in San Francisco, brought a bottle of Sine Qua Non 2001 Shea Pinot and a 1996 Quintessa, it was so awesome, the wine sommelier, had never had either and was loving the tastes--made sure the waiter tasted and the  service and food that night was so good, a belated holiday dinner!

Wine lists and wine gouging, I am so over!  will send along some good books in next post!

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