Sunday, February 1, 2009

Quick and Dirty on the Super Bowl

wow, what can I say, the Game was good, damm good, all the way to the end! Good finish, wish the Cardinals had won, but it was good.

1. NBC must have run some 300-400 GRP  to promote their own properties (Hulu was good, and the Olympics only 374 days away)

2. CareerBuilder, Teleflora, Dennys were some of my favorites, but most were lame. 

3. If you want to check out the ads from Ad Age 

4. Budweiser spent a lot of energy promoting that they were an American legend, is this the beginning of the influence of InBev...too mushy for my taste!

So the big question, was the ROI on $3,000,000 worth it!  your thoughts.  Also check out Bob Garfields witty video on AD AGE...


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