Saturday, February 14, 2009

Interesting Reading/Fascinating Wines

Well it is the weekend, many things going on right now, wanted to share some good wines, good books and some good thinking:

Ken Roman's book, The King of Madison Avenue: David Ogilvy and the making of Madison Avenue.  Good reading, highly recommend!

Pamela Sweet, Jonathan Weisen, Selling Modernity: Advertising in 20th Century Germany. Saw this on Amazon and like whatever and when I got it, could not put it down, interesting perspective on the history of advertising in a country that I have visited many times.

If you can score some Blue Mountain Chardonnay from Vancouver/BC, damm you will think me so good.

Read the above books with a good bottle of Ladera on Howell Mountain, always a rich ruby red wine, like the people and the product.  Join the club and you will thank me, I am not a big joiner of clubs but Ladera and Phelps, the only two!  (have to get Insignia at release prices)

A very challenging time in the ad business and I think the wine business is as well. Evidence is that i am going to be on the Sine Qua Non  allotment, and that has taken 3 years.

Hope you have a good three-day weekend and drink some good wine!

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