Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Northern Rhone Experience

My wine group had their bi-monthly tasting this past Thursday (8.14.08). What a great evening and a learning one for me.  We even traveled to Walnut Creek in the east bay, I normally do not do east bay, but what a surprise that was--stars, moon, warmth, so suburban! The host, Rich Johnson class act member of our club. 

It was all northern Rhone--a region and wines that I am so pitiful in my knowledge and appreciation. Check out our evening from viewing the notes from the scribe, Steven Comfort! Check out This will give you a great perspective on the wines that we have been having at our different events through the years.

What an evening and what a learning experience. We drank back to 1959. My personal favorite was a Jaboulet vertical 94.96.98.

Will be trying some more of these wines. A special shout-out to Quentin George who as a bi-coastal member of two clubs gave our table a special education with his tour notes in the northern Rhone, it added to an even great evening. We also added anew twist to the group--some members just chipped in and the host went out and bought some older library vintages and added to the special night!

New wines, east bay dammm 2 big treats in one week! Lucky in wine and knowledge. Got to get some good book knowledge. I have been reading up a storm since I have been  traveling a lot and school is coming up.

This book is solid: The Power of Persuasion: How we're bought and sold by Robert Levine. This is a really good book on advertising persuasion appeals. It is so marked up now and only four days old.  

As always drop me a note, post or let me know what your thinking. 

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McNulty Quads said...

Hey John-

Been meaning to leave a post for a while - hope all is well with Catalyst!

the note about the Levine book caught my eye- i just picked up a copy on my way to San Deigo for a convention, and haven't been able to put it down - good stuff.

Hope all is well - all our best from Sacramento.

Conor McNulty