Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ad Guys/ Big French night!

Always encourage you to drink your special bottles with friends--wine is to drink, yes cellar, but then open with friends and solve the business problems that we are all encountering in the digital advertising business.

I went deep with 2 bottles of Chateau DUCRU-BEAUCAILLOU 1970. Now that wine is 38 years old, (it was older than a couple of the people at the dinner). Decanted about 3 hours before everyone appeared!  WOW--rich, red and it was spectacular!  (remember the Seinfield episode!)

Rich bought a 1995 of the same vintage and for safety reasons I had a 2001 and 2004 of the same to open just in case all three were really bad.

As a side bar, the two 1970 bottles were open and decanted in their own decanters. It really begs the importance of the bottle is critical--

As for the food, real simple PIZZA, heavy meat lovers pizza--pizza so hit the spot, (picked this up at a Latour tasting in Paris!)

we solved many of the ad problems, like how much should a site sell for, how do we improve the ad seller/buyer relationship!

I enjoy wines with friends and good food and it is the elegant and simple approach that I recommend!

If you want to know who was there, and who we talked about, drop me a line! and if you can find the 1970 DuCru  buy it and drink it!

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