Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ok Who are the Big Offenders!

Looking for restaurants that overcharge their customers with wine pricing. please send to me via the blog or to my email: i want to do a wine shame posting!

Eric Porres my wine buddy and political advertising partner in Pericles called me and wanted to send a bottle of champagne for someone's engagement. He was reading me the choices and their prices.

Veuve  Yellow label for 135 now that is bullshit. Dom for 310 (1999 vintage) please! and even my favorite Krug Grand Cuvee for 285. That is highway robbery and does nothing to encourage people to step up the the game and drink good wines

So send me who is really bad and if you got a good choice as well, do pass along. For the standard-bearer of who sets a good wine policy is  PLUMPJACK in San Francisco. Five dollars over retail---that will get you to drink better!


Anonymous said...

I want to get you together with Gene Burns to talk about this very subject on KGO 810 AM.

You know where to find me. And it's no longer at 1001 Van Ness (then again, it's no longer 1996).


Eric Porres said...

Cafe Des Artistes in NY was the offender in question. They definitely have the cohones to do it because they are in that small cadre of 'will you marry me' restaurants in NYC where they know that the would-be groom will throw caution (and money) to the wind...I!