Saturday, July 5, 2008

The 4th of July in Prague

Most people enjoy their 4th surrounded by fireworks, friends, music and good cold beer! Well the same here except the fireworks and the beers were in Prague!

Yes the holiday time, my birthday, scooting away from wine (even though I did sample some Czech Sauvgninon Blanc) could not tell you the name of it mixed with the many many Pilsner Urquells!

Hope you had a good holiday, really appreciate being an American here, the dollar is decent against the Czech crown! Found this very cool Reidel store where the have/now had a limited magnum decanter that I have never seen (Tyrerol!) and it will be cumbersome to get home but what the hell, a good birthday present!

My friends and I have so enjoyed this town, Serena and Venus playing tennis, some strawberries and beers!  (damm there are so many pubs) and what they say about British stag parties is amazing!

Well another great American holiday passing, my birthday is approaching and i am one lucky guy---good wines, good friends, good beers, great holiday!

Hope your enjoying yours!

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