Saturday, July 19, 2008

Oh my God, i have died and gone to Pinot heaven!

one of my Durham lines when  drinking pinot noir! And it was over Alfaro wines in Aptos/Santa Lucia area. But last night in BOUCHON in Las Vegas, the bottle of all bottles,  the 2004
Covert Fingers by Sine Qua Non   Check this wine out if you can find it, buy it, and thank me.I have been furiously all over the web today trying to find bottles. This was a remarkable wine. i am a burgundy fan and this hit it! 

And speaking of an incredible find, please go buy this book and thank me later, A History of Advertising by Stephane Pincas and Marc Loiseau (Taschen). A great book about the history of our business. Really enjoyed this book, oriented towards Publicis, but still very engaging book.

Let me know if you find and sample this great wine and what you think of the book. It is always fun reading books on the history of advertising--fascinating perspective!


Candace said...

Your blog was sent to me by a friend who knows my great love of fine wines. I am a lover of Cabs and Merlots myself. But one day I wandered off the path when a friend inadvertently opened a Roussanne thinking it was a red wine~lucky for us it was just the right temp. It was love at first taste, and for the first time ever I fell madly in love with a white wine. But this is the only Roussanne I have ever loved. It is from Consilience in Los Olivos in No Cal, their 2005 being truly the Nectar of the Gods. I have tried others, but none yet have come close to my first love. I remain a red drinker, but for special occasions we dip into my stash of '05 Roussannes. I hope you will try Consilience some time, they also have some remarkable Cabs...

Sommelier of Marketing said...

thank you very much, i will take your recommendation, and thank your friend, hope all is well

will be posting some wine reviews in the next few days