Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fitting Saturday night in Prague

What a way to end this great holiday in Prague, than with good friends and a surprise birthday present of a 1982 Domaine de la Romanee-Conti Le Montrachet.  What a treat my friends from London gave me for my birthday.

DRC has a special place in my heart as a great story can be told by my friends Scot and Steven about a DRC night in New Orleans!

But this is about a beatifiul Saturday night having a dinner at Cowboys. This place is so special a terrace right under the Prague Castle. What a good wine list, had a very nice 2005 Pugliny Montrachet and then the surprise gift, wow, it was so young, so tasty and went well with this steak and salad place.  Not even the wine wordsmith in me can describe the taste of this bottle. Afraid to look it up on wine-searcher!

What a fitting way to end Prague!  Well off to Dubrovnik this morning!


Eric Porres said...

Wow, 1982 DRC...only 4 places in the world sell a bottle and a bottle will set you back ~ 400,000 pennies. That must have been glorious to the last drop. Happy Birthday and safe travels!

Sommelier of Marketing said...

well it was the ultimate birthday gift, from good friends and tasty is not the word

Bill said...

Happy Bday Professor!