Sunday, July 6, 2008

Some great reading along with some good wines!

since i am doing a bit of traveling, right now, stocked up with some good plane ride reading and the sunny sit by the Adritatic and lesiruely read, let me suggest these books to add to your summer list.

Wine Politics: How Governments. Environmentalists, Mobsters and Critics influence the wines we drink  by Tyler Coleman (University of California Press, 2008).  good reading and actually very entertaining.

Eric Porres gave me The Billionaire's Vinegar, wow, this was a one plane ride read!  Really fascinating story by Benjamin Wallace.

Saw in the Wine Spectator, the current issue with Mondavi on the cover, a contest that can sure be fun, hope you enter:  winespectator. Could be a great fun event. Will be sitting at the beach tomorrow here at the Excelsior in Dubrovnik thinking of some great ideas. If you submit, let me know, would post yours here as well!  check out James Laube's Recommended California Chardonnay's  (p.63) and notice how damm expensive they are getting.  Dumol and Peter Michael, top two and they are stunning!


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